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Our Concrete Modular Building System is changing the way the construction industry builds. The structures are constructed at one of our manufacturing facilities and delivered up to 95% completed to the selected site where they are assembled with minimal disruption to the existing buildings. Our system is stackable up to three stories and is designed for various applications, including school additions, single-family homes, multifamily housing, office space, group restrooms, hotels, and small warehouses. Architects have found endless applications using our concrete building systems.

The basic idea behind Royall Wall was ambitious but clear—we aimed to make a dramatic improvement in both the quality and the strength of conventional building materials. The result was a wall product that would not deteriorate due to natural causes including hurricane winds, fire, and termite damage. This fundamental concept continues to be our main focus today, whether we’re building a home, a school, an office, or a commercial building.

The Royal Floor and Roof System produced by Royal Concrete Concepts has proven itself to be a cost-effective solution that is stronger, more durable and faster to install than traditional floor systems.

Produced off-site at our production facility, the Royal Floor and Roof System can be easily installed on steel, precast concrete and site-built concrete structures. Designed to provide precise adjustments and fine tuning, Royal Floor and Roof System panels can form the roof of a single-story building. For multi-story structures, the panels form the elevated slab of an upper level and simultaneously provide the ceiling attachment points for the level below. The embedded steel bar joists incorporated in the Royal Floor and Roof System provide ample space for the easy installation of ventilation ducts, electrical lines and plumbing lines. A variety of joist depths can be selected to facilitate the placement of trade requirements and ceiling attachments such as step-downs and coffers. Openings in any slab can be precast at the production facility.

The Royal Floor System is fabricated in widths of up to 8 feet and lengths of up to 40 feet. It is typically composed of two 8″ – 22″ deep steel bar joists 48 apart which are embedded in 3 thick reinforced concrete. The open web bar joist has a bottom chord constructed with double structural angles that acts as an axially loaded tension member with smooth round bars used for diagonal web members. The diagonal web members acting in tension and compression are welded at the top with a longitudinal member embedded 1 1/2 deep into a top chord comprising of a 3 concrete slab poured with 3000 psi concrete and reinforced with 6×6 welded wire mesh. The slabs are cast in continuously cambered steel forms to allow deflection control and result in a fine steel-float finish superior to poured-in-place concrete

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